Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Purchasing LED Christmas Lights

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Purchasing LED Christmas Lights

You have probably heard it before, LED Christmas lights are the greatest innovation in Christmas lighting. However, you or someone you know have tried LED Christmas lights and were left unimpressed. Here at Elite Holiday Decor we have many customers who have used them in the past and didn't like their appearance, or they were left disappointed by the lack of durability of the lights.

You consistently hear the professionals telling you how great LED lights are, yet why are there so many bad experiences?

Don't get us wrong, we are not saying that LED lights are bad. In fact we exclusively use LED lighting in all of our professional installations. With the exception of a few products we also only manufacture and sell LED Christmas lights.

So What's Going on Here?

The truth is, there are many people who have purchased LED Christmas lights that looked terrible. Or frequently we hear that the LED sets don't even make it through a whole season.

In fact, in the early years of Elite Holiday Decor, as a professional Christmas light installation company. Our installation team used almost every type of LED lighting available. In the early years much of the LED products that were offered were simply terrible. That is where we quickly learned this number one rule when purchasing LED Christmas Lights.

Avoid The Big Box Stores!

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure these retailers are great places for the rest of your Christmas shopping, but not when it comes to buying LED Christmas lights. Unfortunately these retailers have one goal, that is to buy for the lowest possible price so that they can sell to you for the cheapest price. Unfortunately, if you buy cheap, you get cheap.

That may be great for some of your everyday purchases, but not LED Christmas lights. LED's must be manufactured to a high standard with quality components to gain the actual benefits of the LED bulb, durability and beauty.

Your every day retailer is simply not going to have the expertise when it comes to providing a high quality LED light set. They simply want the cheapest set possible with no regard for quality control. 

Through our journey we quickly learned that the retail stores must be avoided at all costs. This led our installation team to use a variety of lighting from many different retailers. Although the products were better, we still weren't fully satisfied. We then made it our mission to develop a premium, commercial grade light line that could be also available to the everyday Christmas enthusiast.

So What's The Difference?

Here at Elite Holiday Decor we have done the research and compiled our years of experience in the installation field to design the highest quality lighting line possible. Our LED Christmas light sets are manufactured and designed to our precise specifications and can only be purchased at Elite Holiday Decor.

  • Sets are designed to include injection molded bulbs. This means that the bulb is constructed in the set as one whole piece and is non-removable. The big box stores use a two piece design which allows for moisture and debris to enter into the lighting set, quickly allowing the set to fail.
  • So you may be thinking that it is good to have a two piece design in case you need to change out a bulb. Don't worry, with our sets you won't need to do that! Elite Holiday Decor uses the highest quality LED components which allow for the bulb to have a very long lifespan. In fact, if you were to use our 5mm LED string light sets for 8 hours every single day of the year, they would last on average, for over 17 years!
  • Bulbs are constructed with up to a 100% thicker acrylic resin bulb wall which can withstand rough handling and dropping, while ensuring the bulbs don't crack or chip. 
  • Quality LED components which mean brighter bulbs with consistent colors. No longer do you need to worry about pure white sets having a blue hue to them! Also, our warm white sets are just that, and don't have a yellow hue to them.
  • Ultra energy efficient LED's which allow you to save up to 90% on energy costs.
  • Premium LED components allow more versatility and safety, for example our 5mm LED string light sets allow you to safely connect up to 45 sets end to end!

Just Follow These Rules

By remembering to avoid the big box retailers and the two-piece bulb designs you will see why LED Christmas lights are the number one choice of professional light installers. 

Don't throw your money away purchasing set after set of lights from the big box stores. Just remember these tips and you will see why LED Christmas lights are truly the best choice for your lighting needs.


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