70 Bulb 5mm LED String Mini Lights, 4" Spacing - Purple

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The 5mm LED has become the most popular light strands for Christmas enthusiasts and installation professionals. These light strands have quickly replaced traditional incandescent mini lights. In fact, many professional installation companies use the 5mm LED strands exclusively. The 5mm bulb is smaller than a traditional mini light however, it's unique, concave design disperses and amplifies light in every direction. The bulb design and durable LED's make them virtually unbreakable, with a extremely long lifetime, while using just a fraction of energy compared to incandescent lighting. This means the ability to safely connect up to 43 Elite Holiday Decor string sets end to end, while using 90% less energy. Our premium Elite Holiday Decor 5mm light sets have been constructed using only superior LED components resulting in light sets that are twice as bright and with more vivid colors than the leading 5mm sets on the market. 

  • 70 count, purple 5mm LED lights spaced 4" apart, on green wire, 24' total length.
  • Connect 43 sets end to end
  • Bulb lifespan 50,000 average hours.
  • Molded bulbs are virtually unbreakable and will prevent moisture and corrosion entering the bulb.
  • UL Listed for outdoor or indoor use.
  • LED lights use up to 90% less energy. 


Light Count: 70
WireColor: Green
Light Color: Purple
Total Length: 24'
Lead Length: 6"
Tail Length: 6"
Bulb Spacing: 4"
Max Sets Connected: 43 Sets
Bulb Size: 5mm
Wire Gauge: 22
Male Plug: Fused / Stackable
Light Display: Steady
Female Plug: End-to-End / Stackable
Grade: Commercial/Premium
Average Hours: 50,000
Removable Bulbs: No (Molded Bulbs)
Bulb Technology: One goes out the rest stay lit
Watts Per Bulb: 0.069 watts
Total Watts: 4.8
Amps: 0.04
Rating: UL Listed
Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
Bulb Shape: Wide Angle
Bulb Type: LED
Bulb Material: Acrylic Resin

Certifications: UL certified

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