5mm LED Net Lights Red

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Create a warm cozy glow of lighting with Elite Holiday Decor net lights. Our premium, commercial grade net lights have been designed to include 5mm injection molded bulbs, which are virtually unbreakable. Our unique molded design ensures that no moisture can enter into the bulb socket, unlike other lower quality sets on the market. 5mm LED lights are the number one choice of professional installers due to their ability to withstand rigorous use and last for many seasons. Our 5mm conical LED bulbs project light from every angle making their appearance unmatched. Net lighting is the perfect option for covering bushes / hedges, wrapping tree trunks, wrapping tree foliage, or balconies to create a uniform wall of lighting.

  • 100 red LED net lights on a 4' x 6' green wire.
  • Safely connect up to 58 nets for easy installation and less required outlets.
  • 5mm wide angle bulb design disperses light in every direction.
  • Tight wire twist design allows for clean display and easy tangle free storage.
  • If one bulb goes out, the rest will stay lit.
  • Energy efficient LED lights use up to 90% less energy, saving you money.
  • High quality Elite Holiday Decor LEDs allow for a brighter display.
  • LED bulbs remain cool to the touch.
  • UL safety listed.
  • Approved for indoor / outdoor use.


Light Count: 100
Wire Color: Green
Light Color: Red
Light Display: Steady
Net Size: 4' x 6'
Lead Length: 24 in
Tail Length: 4 in
Max Sets Connected: 58 Sets
Wire Gauge: 22
Male Plug: Fused
Female Plug: End-to-End
Average Hours: 50,000
Bulb Size: 5mm
Bulb Shape: Wide Angle
Bulb Type: LED
Bulb Material: Acrylic Resin
Removable Bulbs: No (Molded Bulbs)
Bulb Technology: One goes out the rest stay lit
Watts Per Bulb: 0.036
Total Watts: 3.6 per set
Amps: 0.03
Rating: UL Listed
Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
Grade: Commercial / Premium