C9 LED Bulbs - Green (Box of 25)

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Come experience new Elite Holiday Decor C9 LED bulbs. Our bulbs new SMD LED technology uses only the best LED materials which allow for a bulb that is twice as bright as the leading bulb on the market. Our bulbs are engineered with 100% thicker bulb walls which make them virtually unbreakable. Elite Holiday Decor's new bulb also utilizes an extra large, diamond cut facet design which amplifies light and disperses it at every angle. Our C9 LED bulbs are the preferred choice of commercial installers due to the rugged design, unmatched brightness, and vivid colors. Our bulbs won't chip, crack, or fade. Our C9 bulbs are great option for use on roof-lines, walkways, sign borders, wall outlines, or window outlines. 

  • Green C9 LED bulbs, E17 base.
  • SMD (surface mounted diode) LED technology, bulbs are much brighter.
  • Unique Elite Holiday Decor bulb design with extra large diamond cut facets and reflective light design.
  • 100% thicker acrylic bulb walls make bulbs virtually unbreakable.
  • Acrylic resin design prevents chips, cracks, and color fading.
  • Nickel plated bases eliminate corrosion and improve reliability.
  • Lower watt LED bulbs allow more lights to be safely used on one light line.
  • Ultra energy efficient bulbs reduce power consumption by 90%
  • LED bulbs remain cool to the touch.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Each box contains 25 bulbs.

Bulb Specifications:

LED Light Color: Green
LED Bulb Size: C9
Bulb Type: LED
Bulb Shape: Extra large, diamond facets
Light Display: Steady
Base Size: E17 (Intermediate) 
Average Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours
Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
Bulb Material: Acrylic Resin
Base Material: Nickel
Watts: 0.4 per bulb