Twinkly Pro - WiFi Controller - 1 Port

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Suitable for installation in private spaces this is the smaller and smarter controller in the Twinkly PRO collection. It connects the lights to the mobile app through the local Wi-Fi network and enables you to manage up to 400 LEDs in 2 separate lines. (requires Y-splitter) You can group or combine multiple controllers via the App up through the Wi-Fi connection – up to 10 controllers to manage and remote control up a maximum 4,000 LEDs.

Patented process allows Twinkly Pro to utilize your tablet or smartphone’s camera to map the random location of every bulb in your system. From there the software allows you to customize colors and pre-loaded animations or create your own custom effects with the use of the Twinkly Pro app.

  • Brand: Twinkly Pro™
  • Grade: Commercial, Professional grade (not retail version)
  • Max lights per 1 Port Controller: 200 bulbs (400 with Y-splitter)
  • Max Grouped Capacity via App: 4,000 bulbs by grouping multiple controllers via the app
  • Control System: Wi-Fi 
  • Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smart phones and Apple iPads. *Not currently compatible with Android Devices.*
  • Specifications: IP 65, for indoor or outdoor use